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We provide contractual transport services from / to Vaclav Havel Airport. You can also order transport throughout the Czech Republic,  the EU and to / from Prague. Transport is provided by passenger cars that carry up to 4 people. Prices are always final and quoted per car, not per person. We pay attention to the safety of our customers, so each of our cars is equipped with the required number of child car seats for FREE.

For transport to the airport, keep sufficient time, at least 2.5 hours before the time of departure.

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Fill in the date and time of the requested pick up. When picking up from the airport, fill in the date, flight number and landing time. The total price of transport from the airport to the city centre costs CZK 650 (EUR 27) and takes 30-40 minutes. You can also contact us to +420 774 684 609 or

don´t fill at Prague
This service is provided for an extra charge of 200 CZK.






You can order transport on web pages, via sending an email to or on the phone number +420 774 684 609. Place the transport order at least 2 days in advance of the transport realization. The later orders don´t have to be realized due to a workload of drivers. Due to that, we recommend ordering a return transport within one order.
Advise us with filling the contact form under or on the phone number +420 774 684 609. We´ll advise you about the transport price as soon as possible.
Call +420 774 684 609 or fill the contact form under. The on-line transport order doesn´t allow to place orders 1 day from the date of transport.
Upon the arrival of the driver at the time of the order, immediate departure is expected. If the client is not ready at the pick-up time, the driver will contact him by phone after 5 minutes of waiting. Departure within 10 minutes of the time specified in the order is free. A fee of CZK 150 is charged for every 20 minutes started for a later departure. The route is always chosen by the driver. If the customer wishes to choose his own route, he mentions this in the order note and will be informed of the price calculation, or the price calculation is done by the driver in the car. The driver is paid a fixed rate, so it is in his interest that the customer is transported in the shortest possible time. Upon arrival at the destination, the driver unloads the luggage and collects the amount for the transport, which the customer always knows in advance. This completes the transport. Immediately after the end of the transport, a confirmation of the transport is sent into your email box.
The transport price is displayed at the end of the online transport order after filling your address. If the price wasn´t displayed, send the order as a non-binding demand. You will be notified as soon as possible and prompted to accept it. The transport price is always final. The price is for a car, which means max. 4 persons. Always place all stops in the order. There is a fee 36 CZK per 1 km, above the original order.
You can pay online in advance (by card, Paypal or bank transfer for our account at ČSOB in CZK number 10 78 19 980 /0300, IBAN: CZ47 0300 0000 0001 0781 9980, BIC(SWIFT) CEKOCZPP)) or at a driver in cash at the beginning or at the end of transport. The driver accepts CZK and EUR at the actual rate in a cash payment. There can be a special situation that a driver has no change, therefore it is better to pay an exact sum. The best solution is to pay for transport online in advance. There are no fees on our side for a bank transfer at ČSOB. There is an extra fee of 6% of the total transport price for payment by card or Paypal. An invoice will be sent into your email box upon the payment has been credited to our account. A transport confirmation will be sent into your email box immediately at the end of your transport at payment in cash at a driver.
The change at a confirm order you can do only on the phone number +420 774 684 609 within working hours below, 12 hours before the start of the transport at least. A confirmed order is possible to change for free 24 hours before the start of the transport at least. Otherwise, the customer is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the original order.
The cancellation fee is a sum of 50% of the total price of the original order. The cancellation fee covers the costs associated with the order and is required if the customer orders the transport which isn´t realized due to a customer mistake. For example: if it is impossible to contact the customer, a driver leaves after waiting for 60 minutes and the order is canceled. The further situation happens, if the customer gets in another car. Therefore be very careful within getting in. Always check a plate number of a car and wait on the pre-arranged place up to the driver calls you in your name.
The customer is directly advised, before the pickup, via a text message confirmation from the driver, there is mentioned the driver´s name, type, registration number, and colour of the car and the time and address of the pickup. The customer waits outside on the address and in time according to the order. The driver comes on time. The customer is immediately advised in case of a small delay. If the customer isn´t at the address, the driver waits for 5 minutes and then calls the customer to advise him that he is in the required address. The driver waits for the first 10 minutes for free. For waiting over 10 minutes there is a fee of 150 CZK for every 20 minutes. In case that the customer doesn´t come, the driver leaves after 60 minutes and the order is canceled. There is a required payment of 50% of the total price in advance for a customer´s pickup in distance longer than 50 kilometers from the Václav Havel airport.
The customer is directly advised, after his landing, via a text message from the driver, there is mentioned the driver´s name, type, registration number, and colour of the car and the brief information about the best way of meeting with the driver. The customer calls to the driver after a pickup of his luggage that he is ready for a pickup. The driver usually waits nearby the airport and comes in 5 minutes after the call. The driver asks the customer for a brief description to know who to look for. The customer is immediately advised in case of the driver´s delay due to bad traffic, delay of your flight or the previous customer´s flight or another situation independent on the driver´s will. The immediate leaving is awaiting after the driver´s arrival to the 15 minutes parking place at the terminal. Therefore, you are very emphatically asked to check your luggage very carefully upon a pickup of them. There is a fee of 150 CZK for every 20 minutes charged per a vain driver waiting at express parking at the terminals. The fee is charged from the first minute. It is also possible to order a pickup with a name tag. The driver always awaits you in the arrival hall after the unloading of luggage.
The service is very favorite if the customer is picked up at railway or bus stations or at the airport. A driver always waits with a name tag at platforms of railway or bus stations and in the arrival hall, after the unloading of luggage, at the airport. The service costs 100 CZK and it is advantageous to order / additionally order it if the customer doesn´t know the place of his arrival or has lost his phone and knows in advance that won´t be able to contact the driver after his arrival. This service is also charged in case of personal collection of the client at the hotel reception.
A driver checks your flight in app, therefore you don´t have to solve anything even at longer delay. The delay over 6 hours is solved individually with a client, according to possibilities.
No. We provide a transport service without these charges. We charge the fee of 150 CZK for every 20 minutes per waiting longer than 10 minutes at a customer pickup at the address. The same fee is also charged per a vain driver waiting at express parking at the terminals at pickup at the airport. In this case, the fee is charged from the first minute.
Yes. The customer has the right to cancel the order and thereby withdraw from the contract without paying the cancellation fee if the driver's delay is longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the customer will wait and the transport will be realized without any compensation for the driver's delay. The driver may be delayed when picking up at the airport. You will be picked up at your home on time.

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